Energy Strategy That Can Feed Your Business

Data show that the national electricity costs have increased at a rate of 2.2% per year. Sun City Solar helps our customers reduce their energy expenses by 
providing cost-effective power solutions to so that they can maximize customer savings and achieve their financial objectives, while making the investment 
to renewable energy a profitable, easy and enjoyable experience.

Go Solar, Roofing, and Battery Storage SunCity Solar





High-efficiency commercial solar energy for business customers

We Make The Process of Going Solar Easier for Your Company

In the last few years, we have completed installation of various large-scale commercial solar systems for 
companies from the East Coast to the West.  We not only offer packaged pre-engineered systems 
(with warranties) but also design a customized system to your specific requirements.
Proven Experience
When Utilities hike up their rates, the sun keeps shining for free.
so you can generate your own FREE power and stop worrying about costly bills.

Sun City Solar offers:​

A Straight-Forward, Reliable Investment

We meet with various city planners and local bodies to create ordinances that support commercial solar installations. We expertize on professional services including commercial solar design for all types of roofs and commercial Solar PV Carports. We also specialize in reliable and expert solar services including solar design, solar electrical contracting and sales of U.L Certified Solar Panels that we ship across the U.S. There is No better time than now for solar. With Today’s low cost of solar, innovative financing methods, and the attractive incentives still Available, solar Energy become affordable and provides saving benefits.

Sun City Solar can provide both commercial and residential solar power finance and loan options. Home solar power finance options include zero down, 5.99% interest, for 240 months. Solar power investments put a cap on the rising cost of energy by making possible zero energy bills your home or business. Our finance options can increase your property valuation and provide instant equity. We deliver profitable and intelligent solar solutions to commercial and industrial markets. We are jack of all trades and master of one: Customer Satisfaction.